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Keyholding is a specialist security service where an engaged security inflexible holds a set of keys to your commercial premises. In a secure, off-site location to be used in the event of a security transgression. A 'void' can be defined as a property, which does not have a permissible occupant. For example, a property may become empty following the death of a sitting tenant, the abandonment of belongings or a tenant transferring to or buying another resource. All housing contributors can expect to see a proportion of their homes becoming vacant.


Professional void property and key holding services involve a specialist security company taking their first answerable duties. They will have a set of keys to access your business, incarcerate securely at their center of operations, and use them to gain access to the building in an emergency. That means, if at four in the morning an emergency occurs, you're not forcing a member of staff to respond: you're leaving it to security professionals. The main advantage of choosing us is that you don't need to arrange a swap with another user; you can deal with the landlord directly.

Handing Over Keys
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