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Our range of retail security solutions and loss prevention methods will not only deter and detect criminals but will also ensure your other customers feel safe whilst in your store. This is increasingly important as retail crime is continuously rising. Region Security Guarding offers a price promise guarantee so that you know you are choosing the best company to hire retail officers at the best prices. Theft affects retailers on a daily basis. Thieves can strike any store at any time, so don’t become a victim. Whether opportunistic thieves or professional, organised criminals, in-store theft is a major and expensive problem for almost all retailers. Use retail security guards to fight this and produce a strong visual deterrent. We also provide jewellers security for jewellery store business that need the right protection. Alongside store detectives to combat in store theft.

Our Security guards will enable the safety of employees and customers at all times. Their primary objective is to prevent any theft on the shop floor and ensuring all customers are safe from criminals. We believe while working in a retail store the staff not only need to be monitoring people leaving and entering the store but as they are part of a retail team they will require good customer experience skills. A polite approach to shoppers will give your store a friendly, safer environment. Our retail security guards also offer CCTV monitoring services to keep an eye on all areas.

Security Guard in Uniform
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